Intermat is involved with refining, graining and manufacturing silver bars made from concentrate, scrap and dust. It manufactures and trades in bars of 1 oz, 500, 1000 and 3000 grams with 750ct and up to 995ct purity. Intermat complies with regulatory standards including anti-money laundering and carries its own KYC process. Our extensive experience of dealing with the treasury of well-known internationally recognized banks further enables us to provide easy tradability, distribution and credibility of approved refineries and products.

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Commodity finance

Intermat is able to provide the physical and market infrastructure for commodity trade...

Base Metals – Steel

Intermat focuses on buying and selling steel including rods, billets and sheets to any required international standards.

Base Metals – Copper

The copper Intermat sources is produced to high quality and the purity is 97% and above