Intermat is able to provide the physical and market infrastructure for commodity trade and has global access making it easy to manage trading all times of the day. Intermat advises and provides trade finance structuring and management and services related to trade finance transactions. We source trade finance facilities through our local and international banks offering risk management and liquidity. Working with Intermat gives its customers an extra edge as not only do we arrange finances for our customers but also offer them freight package delivery and easy shipment facilities. Negotiable financial instruments such as promissory notes, bills of exchange, documentary credits and deferred payments are also accepted by Intermat on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, Intermat is currently sponsoring a state-of-art project associated to cryptocurrencies platform initiative based on native blockchain. Given the economic downturn, financial crisis and credit crunch unlike many other businesses due to our diversified investments Intermat has been able to stand out as a success. Our expertise and recognition has enabled us to cross this stage and proudly maintain our relationships with our clients.

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Petroleum Products

Intermat plays a relatively small role in trading petroleum products.

Precious Metals – Gold

Intermat is involved with refining, graining and manufacturing gold bars made from concentrate, scrap and dust.

Base Metals – Copper

The copper Intermat sources is produced to high quality and the purity is 97% and above